The 71st annual SEC Football report put out by the Birmingham News in June that you might have missed. It included its usual array of information. One piece of information was a poll of the sports information directors at the various schools and one of the items on the poll was to vote for the best team in the SEC.

These insiders are as well informed as anyone to vote, so when they do it makes sense that we listen. They ranked the teams from best to worst with the first place team on a ballot getting 13 points and then each subsequent team getting a point less until the 13th ranked team gets just one point. Schools cannot vote for itself (which is why it is 13 points and not 14).

Here are the results and some thoughts:

• 1 – Alabama
• 2 – LSU (tie)
• 2 – Auburn (tie)
• 4 – Georgia
• 5 – Florida
• 6 – Texas A&M
• 7 – Tennessee
• 8 – Arkansas
• 9 – South Carolina (tie)
• 9 – Mississippi State (tie)
• 11 – Kentucky
• 12 – Ole Miss
• 13 – Vanderbilt
• 14 – Missouri


1. The power of the SEC West is real as the division contains six of the top nine teams in the conference.
2. It is crazy how far the two Mississippi schools have fallen over the span of one recruiting cycle. Four years ago both would have been close to the top 5. Now they are ninth and 12th.
3. The difference between rankings outside of the top three schools is interesting. No one seems to agree how to rate Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee in particular.
4. Vanderbilt continues to get no love despite returning pretty much everyone who mattered from a team that grew as 2016 progressed.
5. This cannot have been the expected outcome when the SEC accepted Missouri into the fold. The Tigers have no quarterback and – according to this poll – no hope.
6. Splitting LSU and Auburn is almost impossible at this point. If Jarrett Stidham is the real deal, however, separation could occur on the field.
7. The conference is Alabama’s to lose. Again.

Story link from Birmingham News

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